Artist Statement

Architectural inspiration is constantly at work within me when I paint. The result is an overwhelming urge to construct, plan and juxtapose various elements and forms together to create a “space” that instead of clashing, is at peace with all the foreign elements that I have forced together.

The early phases of a painting are very thought intensive. Much detailed planning is involved, based on an initial vision of elements and the manner in which they will work together harmoniously in the final stages of the piece. In other words, which metal form will best harmonize the painting. The painting is impossible to paint without these forms already in place as the one cannot live without the other.

I am particularly interested in creating very soft yet saturated fields of color in contrast to the bold metal elements. I put in much effort to achieve a particular richness and depth in the application of the multitude of transparent tinted glazes, which comprise the field of the piece. For me, painting in the abstract, is simply the expression of another, perhaps less familiar language. These intangible thoughts and inspirations are all about color, form and harmony that exist within our everyday lives and surroundings.