Leather Sewing Machines - 10 Tips For Sewing Leather

Tips for sewing leather

 A few years ago, I decided to sew leather saddles, bags, purses and other leather items when I resettled in Scotland. I never quite liked working with leather fabrics until I acquired one of the best leather sewing machines.

Despite this acquisition, I've continued to have a love hate relationship with leather. Even having one of the best leather sewing machines hasn't made me love them. Traditionally, I always preferred to work with textile fabrics but whenever I think something would look better with leather, I jump onto my leather sewing machine and make it.

Working with leather can be quite tricky for the uninitiated. For starters, you really can't make a mistake with leather because they will be impossible to fix. I'm no expect of stitching leather but a lot of people do ask me to give a few tips about how to sew leather. So here are my two cents on the subject.

My top 10 tips for sewing leather

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